Hello, and welcome to the portfolio of Lillian Design Works! I'm Lillian, or Lily, Childres. I am a graphic designer that specializes in illustration, branding, UX design, logo design,  and social media marketing.
With having the pandemic hit us in the early spring of this year, it showed me how to handle and adapt to different situations that you could have to deal with. Being in this program has helped me work more effectively on my communication since it was crucial for us during this time, as we had to transition into online classes for the last of the 2020 spring semester.
Currently, I am certified in Adobe Indesign, but am working to be certified in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, and Animate. I also have some experience in using Adobe Dimension, Media Encoder, Lightroom, and Camera Raw. By learning how to use these programs has shown me how far I can go to make my ideas into a reality, and is helping me shape my future to one that I look forward towards.
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